One-Year Certificate in Hospitality Kitchen Management
    Course Duration: 12 months
    Accreditation by: FHRAI
    Section 1: Communication and General Awareness 12 weeks
      Basic English Concepts  
      Grammar and Usage  
      Standard Customer-Service Phraseology  
      English Conversation  
      General Awareness – Customer Expectation - Behavioural and Hygiene  
    This training will be held at Sarovar Hotels member establishment(s) in Ludhiana.
    Section 2: Classroom Theory & Demos 12 weeks
      Introduction to Hotels  
      Departments of a Hotel  
      Kitchen Organization Structure  
      Kitchen Tools and Equipment  
      Kitchen Safety  
      Kitchen Hygiene & Sanitation
      Kitchen Terminology  
      Menus & Menu Planning  
      Food Storage  
      Materials Management  
      Food Presentation  
      Spices and other ingredients  
    During this period, the students will undergo a residential training course at FHRAI Institute of Hospitality Management, Greater NOIDA.
    Section 3: Industry Exposure/Internship 24 weeks
      Industry Exposure/Internship 24 weeks
    Students will be placed for on-the-job training in various sections of the kitchen at nominated Sarovar chain Hotels. During this period, the respective hotel would provide lodging and in addition pay a token monthly stipend toward boarding and other expenses.
    After Section 1 and 2, students will get a two-week break each.
    On successful completion of the course examinations and practical training, students will be awarded a certificate by Sarovar Hotels and Resorts.
Sponsored by the Babu Joginder Singh Benevolent Trust.
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