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Special Message from Jassi
My apologies in advance for the length of this introduction but do try to read in full!

As the Diwali lights faded, November brought the start of Captain Amarinder Singh's "Punjab Bachao Yatra" from Talwandi Sabo on 1 November. This sets a definitive marker for the rest of the month. As Captain Sahib and his team travelled far and wide across Punjab from one huge rally to another, the political mood shifted decisively. The programme galvanised Congress leaders and workers and the people of Punjab responded with great enthusiasm. Success in politics requires political activity and on this measure Punjab Congress reached fever pitch in November. The programme of rallies put Congress firmly on the offensive, reduced the Akalis to also-rans in the media and enthused "aam aadmi" to turn up in droves. Never has a programme of events so shifted the political equations in Punjab in so little time.

There were several medical camps at villages Chaminda, Bhanohar and Latala. My thanks to Mr. Anup Jubbal of Canadian Eyesight Global, to Sandeep "Robin" Garcha and to Dr Kewal Singh and his large team from the UK. I am delighted of Canadian Eyesight Global for their contribution and also for being appreciated of their work by Mr. Derek Corrigan, Burnaby City Hall, BC, Canada. These camps are, sadly, necessary as they fill a void created by inadequate governmental provision. I continue to be amazed by the high incidence of hypertension, diabetes and glaucoma, affecting often unsuspecting patients.

Flying back from Delhi on 4 November I came across my dear friend Manish Tewari, MP Ludhiana, who reminded me about a function to induct some youth from the Lok Bhalai Party at village Gill the next day. This was shortly followed by media speculation that Mr. Balwant Singh Ramoowalia may join either Congress or SAD. Thank god he chose the latter, although I think he will find it difficult to explain to his NRI followers why he has joined a party that has done so much to loot NRI assets and to harass NRIs generally with false complaints and false FIRs. I have the greatest of respect for Ramoowalia sahib but I fear that this decision of his will prove to be a gross error of judgement and that his tenure there may be short-lived. Whilst he is there maybe he could do us all a favour by teaching Sukhbir Badal some social etiquette and the need to respect elders.

My family and I, including my parents, were away to London for a week for my daughter's, Sabina, 21st Birthday, which she chose to mark with a Shri Sukhmani Sahib Paath at Shri Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Hounslow. Sabina is in Madrid for the 3rd year of her 4 year European Studies course, so it was great to spend a few days with her, and to spend time with family and friends generally. Sabina promises to spend a week in Punjab for my campaign. I think she will make a great "nukkarr" meeting speaker.

On return to India on 17 November it was time to start planning for the 3 December "Punjab Bachao Yatra" Halqa Dakha rally covering 4 assembly constituencies. Under the stewardship of Mr. Avtar S. Henry, Coordinator, he agreed to make ambitious arrangements to set a definitive marker in the area. I embarked on a series of visits to all 87 villages of Halqa Dakha that lie outside the erstwhile Halqa Qila Raipur . From village to village, I was astounded by how people turned up in large numbers for what is merely a warm up act ahead of the elections. The final meeting at Boparai Kalan was more like a mini rally with some 400 supporters waiting till I arrived at 7:15pm, in spite of the cold weather. The huge turnouts boosted the morale of Congress leaders and workers in Halqa Dakha and there’s a distinct attitude of “bring it on!”.

The Dakha rally on 3 December turned out to be a huge success, probably the largest gathering of the entire series and certainly the largest Congress gathering in Ludhiana district for several decades. Capt. Sahib's mere presence sends the audience into euphoria. His each word was lapped up by the ecstatic crowd. The forthcoming contest in Dakha constituency will be one of the defining contests of the forthcoming Punjab Assembly elections.

That electoral contest is about to start and, sadly, this e-newsletter will be suspended for 3 months as my team and I need to concentrate all resources on the campaign itself. The next e-newsletter will reach you in early March 2012, and will carry the full flavour of the election campaign, the count and the government formation. Thereafter, my e-newsletters will change, as they must, as the responsibilities of governance will necessitate a different approach to how issues are presented.

However, I will not disappear from cyberspace. You will continue to receive communications from me, including press releases, appeals, images and videos. Do try to follow my campaign both on my website and on Facebook at "Jassi Khangura". Do also continue to send me your feedback. I will endeavour to reply from amidst the chaos of the campaign. We are also hoping to get the campaign covered by a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

As a first time MLA I believe that I have made a difference to my constituency Qila Raipur. Being an opposition MLA is the best way to learn state politics. I have enjoyed every minute and I have worked tirelessly, sincerely and professionally. Few, if any, legislators in Punjab service their constituents the way that I have done with a large and responsive support team. My Lok Daftar held every Monday has been a resounding success throughout my term as I have maintained diary discipline and people know where and when I am available. My media presence has been significant and my family and I have provided social upliftment to a large number of women from poor families. I have genuinely done my best.

People across Punjab now know what I stand for. From this quirky NRI that few had heard off, we conquered the only constituency in Punjab that Congress had never won, delivering one of the biggest upsets of election 2007. I have travelled to meet NRIs in the UK, Canada and USA some 15 times, far more than any other Punjab legislators. I have consistently raised NRI issues. My campaign on the Sikh blacklist issue contributed to the eventual reliefs.

By constantly targeting the Badal family I have pitched my tent very clearly. Punjab is better off without them. They have repeatedly misgoverned Punjab. Let's hope and pray we never see them again at the pinnacle of Punjab politics.

I did not win Halqa Qila Raipur in 2007 by just gaining Congress votes. Huge numbers of former Akali supporting families switched to support me personally and the forthcoming Halqa Dakha election will be no different. There will be impediments and surprises in equal measure. But I have a great team, tremendous local support and passionate NRI campaigners. I have always said that to improve Punjab we need to elect better legislators.

My e-newsletters  which started in June 2009 reach 40,000+ recipients, possibly the largest genuine email database of any Punjab legislator. All earlier issues are available at my website, which was launched in March 2004, and is now to reflect the change of constituencies. My political office will always be titled "Qila Raipur Lok Daftar" because that is where my political career started.

My sincere thanks to those that have supported me and those that have challenged me. I have always tried to reply to all communications, irrespective of how difficult the query may be. By email, website, YouTube and Facebook few have used cyberspace the way that I have. In government I will continue to do so.

Much of the rest of December will be spent in Delhi for the ticket process. Let's hope for early decisions in order that we can hit the ground running in early January. Whilst we await the official announcement of the election date, my gut feeling is that it will be on or around 13 February.

So.... elections beckon. My experiences over the previous 2 assembly campaigns, including my mother's in 2002, two Parliamentary campaigns for my dear friend Manish Tewari MP, and countless local elections, mean that we are better prepared compared to 5 years ago. My supporters, my team, my family and I are very confident of success. We shall never underestimate the opponent, whoever he or she may be, we will fight more robustly, with a greater pitch and vigour, and when the votes are cast and counted I am confident that I will be a 2nd term MLA.

I would appreciate your support during the elections. You can even start now by contacting your relatives and friends.

Finally, Seasons' Greetings and my very best wishes for a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year.

Thank you for your time.

Jassi Khangura

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Extended Interaction With Captain Amarinder Singh

 Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Paul S. Sahota, Mr. Bhupinder S. Sidhu, Mr. Major S. Mullanpur, Captain Amarinder Singh, Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, S. Jagpal S. Khangura, Ex-MLA Mr. Surinder Dawar and Mr. Harbans S. Kanwal
Captain Amarinder Singh attended court at Ludhiana on November 5 and then stopped at Hotel Park Plaza for an extended interaction.

He had extensive discussions with Mr. Paul Sihota, Senior Congress leader from California. Captain Sahib discussed grape cultivation and demonstrated his expert knowledge of almond cultivation. Mr. Sihota reported favourable economic currently in California agriculture. Captain Sahib committed to an early visit to California after government formation to understand current agricultural practices and to assess which ones could be replicated in Punjab. Others brought to Captain Sahib’s attention the need to sidline those offices that were at the forefront of abuses against Congress workers. The incumbent SHO at Mullanpur was identified for special treatement..

Captain Sahib was also visited by Mr. Naresh Kataria MLA from Zira, Mr. Surinder Dawar Ex-MLA and by Ludhiana Councillors Raju Thapar and Gurpreet Singh “Gogi.”

Mr. Major Mullanpur briefed Captain Sahib on his work in Canada, return to India and his own suffering as a result of false FIRs filed against him.

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Annual Day Function at Partap Public School
Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA inaugrating the Annual day function at Partap Public School
Jassi was honoured to attend the annual day function at Partap Public School on November 24, 2011.

Jassi was impressed by the principal’s, Mr. Gurshinder S. Jagpal, dedication and motivation towards the eight year old school.

In Jassi’s speech, he encouraged education and said that education was the most important part of the journey in life. He continues to say, ‘‘we are not born equal, we cannot be born equal, but we should all subscribe to the principle of equal opportunity.’’

Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, Principal Mr. Gurshinder S. Jagpal, Mr. Harban S. Kanwal and Trustees of School
The school is sponsored by Dr. Jai Prakash S. Bal and Dr. Ramesh Inder K. Bal, a relative of Jassi’s wife, Raman. Jassi was delighted to meet several relatives from Raman’s family.

Jassi stated that overall the range of performances were an excellent balance of religions, regionalism, Punjabiat and national identity. He added that it was amongst the best programmes for origination, choreography and balance that he had attended for some time.

Jassi encouraged the school in inculcate greater creativity and confidence in the students. He stated that the growing services sector would produce countless vocational opportunities, especially for women and he encouraged the females students to become career oriented.
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Medical Camps at Latala, Chaminda and Banohar

Bibi Gurdial K. Khangura inaugurating Latala camp
S. Jagpal S. Khangura and family held several medical camps at village Latala, Chaminda and Banohar commencing November 21, 2011.

Medical Camp in Latala was inaugurated by Bibi Gurdial K. Khangura and held at the Babu Joginder Singh hospital dispensary.

Medical camp in Banohar was inaugurated by S. Jagpal S. Khangura and held at a senior secondary school.

Jassi says, "the reality is that government provision of medical services in rural India is generally deficient. Doctors prefer to work in cities and in Punjab they also prefer to migrate overseas. These camps fill a critical gap and reveal high incidences of diabetes, hypertension, cataract and glaucoma, amongst other conditions."

Dr. Kewal Singh had a team of 10 foreign doctors who provided free medical checkup, free eye sight testing, free blood test, free medicines and free eyeglasses to over 375 villagers, of which 60% were females. The free medical camps were 2 day events.

Nurse performing a free medical check up
S. Jagpal S. Khangura inaugurating Banohar camp
Patients lined up for free medical check up
Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA inaugurating Chaminda camp
Nurse performing free medical check-up

Bibi Gurdial K. Khangura interacting with the ladies of surrounding villages

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Jassi hosted a dinner for NRIs at Hotel Park Plaza

Mr. Kuldeep S. Deol from Calcutta, Mr. Sukhi S. Deol, USA, Councillor Mr. Hari S. Brar, Mr. Ajit Singh and Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA 

Jassi hosted two NRI dinners in the month of November at Hotel Park Plaza. The dinner was attended by many NRIs from USA, Canada and UK.

Jassi often gets asked what his target is by holding NRI dinners, in response he says, "I want to mobilise NRIs and ensure Punjabi Parvasi’s, along with local Punjabi’s are not at a loss."

“These dinners,” Jassi stated, “are an opportunity for NRIs from across Punjab to exchange views and issues. They also get to meet some of Punjab’s political leadership that is conversant with the swathe of issues faced by NRIs.”
Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Gurpreet S. Khangura and Dr. Behl
Having now been addressing NRI issues for nearly 5 years, Jassi has learnt much about the intricacies of the problems, Jassi added, “there is a definite pattern to NRI issues. The problem is systematic, it is deep rooted and it is politically sponsored.”

Mr. Vimiljeet Singh, NRI, from village Gureh attended the dinner and stated that he had taken his issues to the local Akali political leader in Halqa Dakha and was told point blank that the accused had votes which are more important to him than NRI disputes.

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Grewal Sports Association Meeting at Qila Raipur
Grewal Sports Association held a meeting on November 4 at Qila Raipur to discuss the 2012 Qila Raipur Games. Qila Riapur Games is an annual international event, also known as "Rural Olympics".

During the meeting, a budget of 60 lakh was targeted for the 2012 games. Jassi in his speech said, "this budget is to ensure that more players participate and the stadium has the capacity to accommodate large number of crowd. "Jassi continued to say, "the Media Centre will be renovated and the stadium will be extended in due course."

It was also agreed that sponsor coordination would continue with the same Mumbai based company for one year but that thereafter competition bids would be invited.

During the meeting, Mr. Paramjeet S. Grewal, Secretary of Grewal Sports Association, thanked Mr. Gurmeet S. Nath, V.P of Grewal Sports Association, for giving a donation of 5 lakh to the association in fulfillment of a commitment made on his behalf by Jassi during the February 2011 games. He continued to say that the NRIs have made a positive impact to the games and expects a high number of NRIs at the 2012 games.

The meeting also discussed funds lying with the government that were yet to be released. The 2012 games dates are yet to be finalized. It was discussed and agreed that with elections approaching the dates would be finalized after the election dates are announced.

Present at the meeting were Mr. Paramjeet S. Grewal, Mr. Gurmeet S. Nath, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Hardam S. Dhammi, Mr. Gurmeet S. Meeta, Mr. Charan S. Thakadar, Mr. Khushwant S. Jassi, Mr. Gursharan S. Nath, Mr. Garry S. Grewal, Mr. Bawa Virk, Mr. Gurpreet Khangura, Mr. Balwinder S. Jagga, Mr. Harwinder S. Billu, Mr. Sukhdev Singh, Mr. Jagir S. Dhallon, Mr. Amrik S. Assi, Mr. Comrade Hushiar Singh, Mr. Kuljinder S. Jindi, Mr. Gurpreet S. Neetu, Mr. Joli Buthari, Mr. Hamesh Kumar and Mr. Rajinder Kumar.
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Mr. Gurmeet S. Gill Appointed as the President of Indian Overseas Congress, USA

Mr. Jatinder S. Dakha Sarpanch, Mr. Dalveer S. Neetu, Mr. Bittu S. Kailpur, Mr. K.K. Bawa, Ex-chairman Housefed, Mr. Satinder S. Banohar, Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Gary S Grewal, Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, Mr. Karnail S. Gill and Mr. Major S. Mullanpur
A function was held on November 5 at Mandi Mullanpur to honour Mr. Gurmeet S. Gill who was appointed as the President of Indian Overseas congress, USA by Ms. Sonia Gandhi, President, All India Congress.

The function was hosted by Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha who distributed sweets and congratulated Mr. Gurmeet on the appointment. He continued to say, "Mr. Gurmeet has been serving the Congress party for a long time as the President of Indian Overseas Congress, New Jersey and his hard work and dedication is appreciated by the party."

Mr. Gurmeet Gill- President of Indian Overseas Congress, USA
Jassi, in his congratulatory speech said, "Gurmeet has contributed a lot to the Congress party and once again proved that Punjabi’s have made a strong impact in Punjab while residing overseas." Jassi continued to say, " Mr. Gurmeet will come to Punjab during the 2012 elections to extend full support. He will also bring an army of NRI supporters to work all across Punjab for a Congress victory."

K.K Bawa, Ex-Chairman Housefed, congratulated Gurmeet and said, "NRI’s will be a strong asset in the upcoming elections to defeat the Akali’s."

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Thanksgiving Rally

S. Jagpal Singh Khangura and Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA
Having served as the MLA for Qila Raipur for nearly 5 years Jassi felt the need to thank all that had worked with him in constituency. As Qila Raipur constituency is now abolished as a result of delimitation and Jassi will be sanding for election from a new constituency next time, Jassi held a Thanksgiving meeting of all the main Congress workers and leaders.

The Thanksgiving meeting was held in Dehlon on November 6, 2011 at the Gill Green Palace, Sahnewal Road, under the leadership of Sardar Jagpal S. Khangura.

Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA
The meeting was attended by over 500 congress workers and supporters, in which included Block Samiti Members, Sarpanchs, Youth Congress supporters and Congress workers from Qila Raipur constituency.

Jassi, in his speech stated that he would never forget those persons who had elected him for the first time as an MLA. He stated that irrespective of where he would stand for election in future, he would always be available for the voters of the erstwhile Qila Raipur constituency and that his public office would always be titled, “Qila Raipur Lok Daftar” because that is where his political career started.

Speeches were given by S. Manmohan S. Narangwal, Chairman-market Committee, Mr. Bhupinder S. Sidhu, Mr. Mohinder S. Butari, Avtar Grewal, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat and Mr. Bhag S. Dardi.
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Village Tours
Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA with Mr. Shinder Singh from Village Pamal
Jassi toured Halqa Dakha villages extensively to generate awareness and support for the Congress Rally at Dakha village on December 3, 2011.

Jassi presented his thought about the forthcoming Code of Conduct, about the likely election dates and his plans for the rest Congress government.

As ever, Jassi received numerous complaints about government abuses including false complaint, false FIRs and demand of pensions, atta/dal and shagun scheme cheques.

To listen to my speech during the village tour, please click here

Below are some of the images from the villages:

Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA with the women of historic Aliwal village. Over 100 women attended the     meeting

At Majri, Dr. Kulwant S. Morkarima, Master Balour S. Basia, Bachitar Singh, Sarpanch Ajmer Singh, Major Singh, Sarabjit Singh,Pargat S. Aliwal, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat and Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA
At Chaunki Maan, Ajaib Singh , Mandeep Singh Badesha Pardhan Meeri Peeri Club Chaunkiman, Raj Singh,
Amarinder Singh Armandeep Singh Meet Pardhan,Harshdeep Singh Lucky, Gurjeet Singh Billa, Ex-Sarpanch
Baldev Singh, Roop Singh, Hardeep Singh, Talwinder Singh, Harkirat Singh, Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA and Harjap Singh
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Rally at Village Dakha
Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA with his son Jaibir
Under the august presence of Captain Amarinder Singh a massive rally  was held on December 3, 2011 at village Dakha.

The rally was in combination of four Vidhan Sabaha Halqa’s, Gill, Dakha, Raikot and Jagroan, in which Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Harmohinder Singh MLA Raikot and Mr. Gurdeep S. Bhaini MLA Jagroan participated.

The heat warming rally was the largest Congress gathering in Ludhiana for many decades, in which more than 50,000 supporters filled the venue. The inevitable road block on the Ferozpur Road lasted a full 2 hours.
Captain Amarinder Singh, Mr. Avtar S. Henry, Mr. K.K Bawa, Thakur Gulchain Charak, Congress Party Affairs Punjab, Ex-minister Mr. Jasveer S. Sangroor, Ex-MLA Malkiat Singh Dakha, Congress Workers and supporters and Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA
The rally effectively set in motion the election campaign for the Dakha Assembly constituency.

Jassi stated that this rally is the turning point in which Congress workers smell victory. Jassi said, "we are within touching distance of forming the next government in which Captain Sahib will be the Chief Minister and we will hold to account all that have been part of the misrule over the last 5 years."

Jassi continued to say, "I sincerely want to thank all the supporters who attended the rally and ensure that there will no ‘gunda raaj’ in Punjab once Captain Sahib’s party is elected."

Captain Sahib also promised a full response to the corruption of the Badal family.

Captain Amarinder Singh, Mr. Manish Tiwari MP, Mr. Major S. Mullanpur, Mr. Karnail S. Gill and Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA
To listen to Captain Sahib speech click here

To listen to Jassi’s speech click here

To view some photos of the Dakha Rally click here

The rally was also attended by, S. Jagpal S. Khangura, Bibi Gurdial K. Khangura, Mr. Manish Tiwari MP, Ex-MLA Malkiat Singh Dakha, Mr. Bhupinder S. Sidhu, Thakur Gulchain Charak, Incharge Congress Party Affairs , Mr. Gurdeep S. Bhaini MLA, Ms. Amandeep Kalkat, Mehala Congress President Ludhiana Rural,  and other Congress leaders, along with thousands of supporters.
Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA speaking at the Dakha Rally
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MDVL Success Story- Rani Kaur
 Rani Kaur
Another happy story from MDVL's Women Entrepreneurs program is that of Rani Kaur. She is a 38 year old mother to three children who lives in Nangal Khurd.

Rani's husband fortunately has work, but with three children, his salary of 3,000 a month did not go very far and they live in a ‘kacha’ house. Rani now owns 5 cows which she keeps at the Phallewal Community Dairy Unit of MDVL and after her payments and some saving, her business brings her approximately the same as her husband each month. This has given her much improved status in her home. 

Not only that, Rani was also proud to be able to afford the wedding of one of her daughters this month, thanks to her income from her cows.

It is small success stories like this that make the program for Women Entrepreneurs worthwhile. Each woman like Rani changes the future of her family. MDVL is proud to be a part of that change.

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Press Releases

Award 'Panth Ratan Fakhar-e-qaum’ to Dr Manmohan Singh Ji and not to S. Prakash Singh Badal  

Daily Interact with Jassi on Facebook


Interact with Jassi and watch his videos and messages daily on Facebook, All messages, comments and discussion postings are personally replied by Jassi himself.

Some of Jassi’s comments on Facebook in the month of November are:

I support the promotion of kabaddi and the principle of the kabaddi word cup. What I object to is the use of public funds or the personal promotion of Sukhbir Badal. Does he really need Bollywood stars to get his image in the media? After, he controls so much of the media that coverage for him is never an issue. Responsible politicians utilise sports event to promote the state and the country. Sukhbir Badal should stop this self promotion.
NRIs know something about the ground realities in Punjab so they can see through government advertising. But foreigners reviewing a compilation of this SAD-BJP led Punjab government ads may be mistaken for believing that Punjab is like Singapore or Hongkong. But on arrival the truth is all too apparent. Never has the gulf been larger than what the government would wish us to believe and what is the factual situation. Badal sahib beware; stop thinking that you can fool the Punjabis all the time.
The burning of paddy stubble is still prevalent in spite of all the bans and enforcement measures. I wish that farmers stopped this practise but clearly financial constraints force farmers to burn rather than plough; they can't afford the tractor fuel. Better farm incomes would help in solving this vexed issue. Unfortunately, all the Badals have done in 5 years is send Sukhbir on his private plane to Brazil and cry hoarse regularly about MSP. The bottom line is that the Badals have no plan for saving Punjab agriculture.
People ask me how different the Congress manifesto will be this time.
Well, surely you don't expect me to leak the Congress manifesto here?
It is being drafted, it will be innovative and it will address the critical issues of the day. It will include contributions from a new batch of younger Congress MLAs and likely MLAs who have a worldly exposure, excellent educational qualifications and an understanding of governance far more incisive than your average SAD MLA.
On Facebook I often get criticised for not always providing complete or direct answers. I see it this way: to make a start in politics you either join a political party, start a political party, form a pressure group in the hope that it may become a party or start as a lone ranger. Well, I chose to join the Congress Party, knowing full well that like all parties it has strengths and weaknesses, and within the party there is a discipline that should be adhered to. I may not be able to support every policy but that does not mean I will contradict it in public. Equally, I could sometimes give fuller answers on Facebook but not where they contradict party policy or offend fellow legislators or leaders. And I certainly do not deride or defend other Congress legislators; that is not my role. I am happy to work within the limitations placed on me by party membership and responsibility.
Sadly, in India there are too many career politicians, often starting from their teens. In mature democracies people have a career and then move into politics. We need to consider term limits and logical progression. Maybe legislators should be denied 2 consecutive elections. Maybe one should be a sarpanch or a councillor before one can become an MLA, an MLA before becoming a MP, a state Minister before becoming the Chief Minister, etc... No one wishes to restrict talent but we need more politicians for whom politics is not the be all and end all of their life. Live a life, have a career and then consider politics.
We remember today the tragic losses in Mumbai 3 years ago. This was not just
an attack on 2 hotels but an attack on every Indian. Whilst a country as
large as India faces frequent disasters of one form or another, and to some
extent we have all become a little conditioned to such news, we must never
forget the innocent souls that were murdered in Mumbai and our police,
paramilitary and emergency response personnel that too suffered whilst
providing exemplary service. I was actually at Lahore and Nankana Sahib
whilst this tragedy was closing. I neither perceived nor received any hatred
from the Pakistanis I met, rather they were as shocked as we were and
offered their sympathies. Let's pray for peace.
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Best regards,
Jassi Khangura MLA
Punjab's Most Responsive MLA
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