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Message from Jassi

October started with the Vidhan Sabha session, largely held as a technical formality. Not only was the session an extremely short one but it was subject to date changes after it had commenced. As usual, Congress MLAs were not allowed to raise important issues. As a first time MLA attending the last session of this Vidhan Sabha I could not help but feel that this institution has been reduced to a rump, all because the ruling alliance did not wish to debate its policies and actions.

A confident government never hides; but this one has consistently refused to face the music. Budding legislators will find nothing in the Vidhan Sabha to enthuse them to become effective politicians. Sukhbir Badal talks of 21st century governance but the manner in which the Badals, through their ever pliant Speaker, Mr. Nirmal Singh Kahlon, have reduced the status of this Vidhan Sabha to that of a minor inconvenience, just goes to show how much this administration has to hide.

As the weather cooled further the political atmosphere became progressively more charged. The ruling alliance made much of the right to service legislation and trumpeted the opening of various Suvhida centres as almost an act of God, whereas in reality they are merely providing what are the inherent rights of our citizens. People are suspicious of governments that endeavour to improve governance as they are about to demit office. Yet, the abiding memory that Punjabis will retain of this administration is the gross plunder and pillage, the pervasive intimidation of all those not deemed to be Akali supporters and the denial of pensions, atta dal and shagun scheme cheques to the poor.

The state of rural roads in Punjab is shocking. The last government left most roads in a good state. This government has allowed them to deteriorate. Why? Because the government can either commit funds for sangat darshan or for roads, but not for both!

October also witnessed a major drive to register the remaining voters. Yet, for the Akali it is not enough to have an accurate voters list; they stuck to their old habits of filing bogus applications and deleting valid votes. As a result I was forced to file numerous complaints with the DC Ludhiana and the Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab. The Booth Level Officers were by and large doing a good job, but there were a few rotten eggs that seemed hell bent on denying Congress voters their due. All goes to show that for the Akalis the voter registration process is simply another opportunity to undermine for political advantage. Yet, they will soon feel the wrath of voters who have not been allowed to register and who will campaign even more aggressively against the ruling administration.

With farmers busy with the paddy harvest, there was little scope for political activity in the villages beyond the voter registration drive. But Manish Tewari MP did manage to convene a well attended meeting to distribute MP fund cheques. With MPLAD funds now increased to Rs.5 crores a year I look forward to our MPs using these additional funds in a more innovative manner, possibly creating facilities to be used by more than one village.

With the harvest came the burning of paddy stubble, which is still prevalent in spite of all the bans and enforcement measures. I wish that farmers stopped this practice but clearly financial constraints force them to burn rather than plough because they can't afford the tractor fuel. Better farm incomes would help in solving this vexed issue. Unfortunately, all the Badals have done in 5 years is send Sukhbir on his private plane to Brazil and cry hoarse regularly about MSP. The bottom line is that the Badals have no plan for saving Punjab’s agriculture.

Diwali was to be in London, but pressing issues in Punjab prevented us from travelling. As a result our daughter, Sabina, celebrated Diwali with friends in Madrid where she is studying the third year of her 4 year European Studies course from Kings' College, London. This was the first time that we were separated as a family for Diwali and we will hope to make up the deficit when we celebrate Sabina's 21st birthday in London in the middle of November.

Punjab Congress announced a schedule of 40 odd rallies across Punjab, which are currently taking place to massive attendances across Punjab. As a result I expect the political barometer to shift further to Congress during November and beyond.

People often ask me why I am so confident that Congress will form the next government. I reply that the Akalis have never managed 2 consecutive terms, that this time will be no different and that the urban voters will decisively shift to Congress. The last 2 Punjab elections have effectively been decided by urban voters and 2012 will follow the same pattern.

In October I hosted the first of my Friday evening NRI dinners. It was a well attended affair. NRIs will have a critical role in this election.

Whilst the election itself is no small matter, Punjab Congress has started its preparation for governance. Captain Sahib has repeatedly stated that the new administration will hit the ground running, that it will have a pro development and pro poor focus and that it will be significantly different to the last administration. Captain Sahib genuinely wishes to leave a lasting legacy and Punjabis can optimistically look forward to the next administration. As for the Badals, the law will take its course. Handcuffs are, I believe, in order.

Many thanks for your time.

Jassi Khangura
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Political Temperature Rises
October experienced a rush of activity with the State’s Chief Electoral Officer, Ms. Kusumjit K. Sidhu, announcing a revised truncated schedule for the voter registration process.

Jassi organized a meeting on October 8, 2011 to discuss objectives and then asked all workers and leaders to be vigilant to ensure that all outstanding votes were applied for and objection filed, where necessary.

Jassi’s team, ‘Team Khangura’, consisting of 10 zone coordinators were spread across all parts of Dakha constituency to accelerate the work. At the end of the process, ‘Team Khangura’ has submitted thousands of new applications and filed thousands of objections.

There could not have been many other constituencies in Punjab where there was such an intensive effort for voter registration.

Dakha constituency is gearing up for an epic electoral battle. It certainly promises to be one of the highlights of the forthcoming election campaign.
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Leaderspeak@HT Panel Discussion on Vision 2020
From left to right: Industrialist Mr. Gautam Kapoor and Jassi Khangura MLA
Jassi attended the Leaderspeak@HT Vision 2020 discussion held on October 14, 2011 to tap into the minds of political stakeholders and thoughts of leaders from diverse fields to build “Vision 2020 for Punjab.”

During the discussion, Captain Amarinder Singh and Sukhbir Badal agreed on the continuity in policymaking, particularly in the industrial, health and education sectors, transparency and accountability in the bureaucracy, pollution and restoring Punjab’s past glory to once again make it the country’s leading state.

From left to right: PPCC President Captain Amarinder Singh, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir S. Badal and Bharti Enterprises Vice-Chairman Mr. Rakesh Bharti Mittal
In Captain Sahib’s speech, he said, “you have to create an atmosphere that is right for investment in industry. Otherwise there will be no development.” He continued to say, “I want one commitment… written or unwritten understanding… I hope the deputy chief minister will listen to this, regardless who of who is in power… if you bring industry, I promise our government will endorse it, we will support it. Let us not look at Punjab from the prism of politics, rather, please let us have this unwritten agreement that anything concerning development should be endorsed by both the parties, irrespective of which is in power.”

Jassi welcomes these types of interactions and applauds the Hindustan Times, which excels at this. Jassi looks forward to a similar event next year by which time the tables would have turned.

The attendees of the Vision 2020 included many political stakeholders and entrepreneurs of the state.

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Jassi Hosted a Dinner for NRIs at Hotel Park Plaza

From left to right: Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Balbir S. Mander, Chairman Indian Overseasses Congress Europe , Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Surinder Rana, President IOC Holland, Mr. Surinder Singhla, Ex- Finance Minister, Punjab
Jassi hosted the first NRI dinner of the season on October 21, 2011 at Hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana. The dinner was attended by many NRIs from the USA, Canada and UK and there were discussions on issues affecting them and the upcoming elections.

Although these dinners do not usually start until after Diwali, this time Jassi decided to host an early one. The weather was cooler but still a little on the warm side. Jassi blamed the political leadership of Punjab for the hardship that NRIs were facing. Jassi committed to a pragmatic approach to solving NRI issues after government formation.

Jassi also commented that the extortionately priced real estate in India was on account of the failure of our leaders to plan for an adequate number of new cities and a deficient number of new roads. As a result NRI land and property have become rich pickings for the land mafia.

Mr. Surinder Singla, former Finance Minister, Punjab, contradicted Jassi and stated that land values were more down to economic prosperity than bad planning.


Meeting of CLP at Vidhan Sabha

 Mr. Nirmal Singh Kahlon, Speaker of the Punjab
Legislative Assembly
There was a short session at the beginning of October, largely held as a formality to ratify earlier ordinances, including the one for the NRI Commission.

Unfortunately, the ruling party’s insistence that CM Punjab read out a statement lead to a stalemate in the House. Proceedings were disrupted and Jassi was unable to speak on the bill enabling the NRI Commission.

It is shocking the extent to which the voice of the opposition has been obstructed in this House.

Zero hour is a convention that allows legislators to raise the most urgent issues of the day. By repeatedly denying this facility to opposition MLAs and by not allowing constructive questions tabled over the past 5 years, the speaker, Nirmal Singh Kahlon has ensured that debate in this House was largely avoided.

Kahlon sahib may have many strengths but he has been singularly unable to display anything meaningful in the House.

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Saplings Planted at Village Purain
In no specific order: Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Gurpreet S. Khangura, Mr. Sher Singh Ex-Sarpanch, Mr. Surinder Pal S. Pala, Mr. Jagdeep S. Sonu, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Pargat S. Aliwal, Mr. Lambardar Churh Singh, Mr. Kuldeep S. Maan press reporter
On October 15, 2011 Jassi, along with several student of Senior Secondary High School planted several saplings at the school, in village Purain.

The plantation of the saplings was organized by Mr. Jagdeep Singh Sonu, Vice President Youth Congress Block Sidhwa Bet and Mr. Kuldeep Mann, Ajit reporter.

In Jassi’s message he encouraged more greenery in Punjab and said, ‘we must never underestimate the importance of greenification if we are to reduce the amount of dust that gets blown around.’
Inauguration of Cricket Tournament at Village Pandori
In no specific order: Mr. Thaman S. Pandoori, Mr. Rulda Singh Sarpanch Pandori, Mr. Vikram Singh, Mr. Jarnail Singh, Dr. Kulwant S. Morkarima, Mr. Gurmail S. Morkirima, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Mann S. Gurm, Mr. Gurpreet S. Khangura and Mr. Pappu Pandoori
Jassi inaugurated fourth cricket tournament in the village Pandori on October 14, 2011 and announced a grant of 11,000. The tournament was organized by Nau Jawan Sabha Society, under the Presidency of Jatinder Singh and Vice Presidency of Harry Singh.

The tournament was a success with over 200 participants in which the winner was awarded 11,000.

In Jassi’s speech he commended the members of the society and the youth for preparing and participating such a fabulous tournament and showing their enthusiasm towards a sport that is now recognized worldwide.

Jassi also rewarded one player who had hit the wicket from a considerable distance.

Visitors at the Plant
From left to right (Haryana Famer Commission)– Dr. Walia (Asst Director, Animal Husbandry, Punjab), Dr. Rajbir Singh (VPO Barundi), Dr. Joginder Singh (Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry, Punjab), Dr. Yadav (Deputy Director General, ICAR), Dr. M L Madan (Vice Chancellor, Deendyal Upadhyaya Veterinary & Animal Sc. University, Mathura – UP), Dr. Amarpreet Sidhu, Mr. Ravinderjit Singh, Dr. Khurana (Joint Director, Animal Husbandry, Haryana) and Dr. Arun Varma (Deputy Director General -AS)
During the month of October, Jassi promoted community dairy project Macro Dairy Ventures Private Limited (MDVL) in the village Latala was visited by many guests.

One of the many visits included a four member Haryana Farmer Commission. This visit was organized by the Haryana Government to see the commercial dairy farming in Punjab. The guests visited the processing and packing departments and were highly impressed with the MDVL practices and animal breeding.

Other visits in the month include, Er. Balour Singh, Director, PEDA along with VIPs from the Ministry of Renewable Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency.  During their visit they wished to see "the unique MDVL project," and were highly impressed by the project.

MDVL Success Story – Gurmeet Kaur
Gurmeet kaur
Gurmeet Kaur is from Phallewal village and is 28 years old. She is a Woman Entrepreneur with MDVL and keeps her pedigree cows at the Phallewal Community Dairy Unit. She has two teenage daughters. She lives with her husband, who is unemployed, and his family and unfortunately does not have a good relationship with her mother-in-law.

When telling her story, Gurmeet said that being part of the MDVL Women Entrepreneurs has given her new energy. The self help groups and time with other Women Entrepreneurs has given her the strength to face her family problems. She tells us “Even though I only spend a small amount of time tending to my cows, the income they bring me lets me meet all the basic needs of my family even though my husband is unemployed. I’m grateful to have this opportunity with MDVL.”

Team Jassi

From left to right (top row): Mr. Daljeet S. Happy, Mr. Balwant S. Dhanoa, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Major S. Mullanpur, Mr. Maan S. Gurm, Mr. Jagdeep S. Sidhu and Mr. Ratan S. Malerkotla

From left to right (sitting): Mr. Deepak Khandoor’s aunt, Mr. Deepak Khandoor and Mrs. Rama Khandoor
Deepak Khandoor has been working with Jassi since 2007 as a Media Advisor. Deepak is responsible for press conferences, press releases and journalism for Jassi.

Deepak is also the President of Youth Congress, Block Sudhar and Member Block Sammti.

On October 2 Deepak married Rama Sharma from the village Ghaloti, Ludhiana.

We wish Deepak all the best for the future and a happy married life.

Jassi on Facebook Discussing RTS Legislation
Jassi was quite open with his views on Facebook about the RTS Legislation and this is what he had to say:

Jassi says, “The SAD-BJP government has made the Right to Service “RTS” legislation the cornerstone of a new style of governance. Whilst on paper many of the proposals make eminent sense it begs the questions as to whether an administration that has so far been epitomized by the “Right to Loot” can overnight change its spots?

RTS should have been an objective from the start of this administration, not something at the fag end. Having harassed the public for nearly 4 years and 8 months, any remedial measures at this stage will rightly be treated with skepticism. Change is never easy and in the implementation of RTS it is obvious that beneath the sloganeering and the costly media ads (many to Badal owned channels) the administration is not at all prepared. Training has been negligible and officers generally plead ignorance of new procedures. Equipment and facilities have not been enhanced. As usual Sukhbir has introduced an impossibly large number of services under RTS within an unreasonable time frame, all geared to the electoral timetable. People remain suspicious of Sukhbir’s motives. Neither he nor his father have ever put the public first. For them politics has always been about self-enrichment, putting themselves first, their party second and the long suffering Punjab public distant third. So RTS has to be dismissed as a political stunt for it is way too late for this government to now cover up for all the harassment that it has discharged on the public to date.”

Join Jassi on Facebook to discuss, ‘Can we move overnight from “Right to Loot” TO “Right to Service?”

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Daily Interact with Jassi on Facebook


Interact with Jassi and watch his videos and messages daily on Facebook, All messages, comments and discussion postings are personally replied by Jassi himself.

Some of Jassi’s comments on Facebook during the month of October are:

Politicians are obliged to lay countless foundation stones. I do not think you will find one in my Qila Raipur constituency that I have not fulfilled, although many from Badal Sahib's third term still litter the area. However, I would like the system to move to one where stones or plaques are laid on completion. Start the project with ardaas, and then seek the political mileage when the project is complete. I will try to stick to this in my new constituency, DAKHA, once elected.
So the Punjab government wishes to take action against unregistered immigration agents! What a farce! Each police district has thousands of cases of poor Punjabis being duped by unscrupulous agents yet I cannot recall a single agent having gone to jail! Reason? Political patronage! SAD jathedaars are well know to provide protection to these agents as they receive their cut from each case.
I often get asked where I will contest the next election from. For those of you who may still be unsure, I can confirm that the ONLY ticket I will be asking for is that of DAKHA, which is the ONLY constituency that I have nursed. Other tickets aspirants may be keeping one or two choices because of their own insecurities; I do not. I am very confident that I will be the Congress candidate from DAKHA and that victory will be by a very convincing margin that may surprise some.
Today"s Tribune has confirmed that this SAD-BJP government has reduced the Punjab Lokpal to a rump. Under-staffed, under-resouces, under-challenged; it is clear that the Badals do not wish to have political corruption in Punjab investigated. Well they have 4 months left. We'll soon see who runs and who has the will to fight.
With Yeddyurappa going to jail the Badals should think for a moment at least that there is a law in this land. The next government will bring them to book. Capt sahib has already stated that his next government will bring in a strong state Lokpal bill followed by, I suspect, handcuffs for the father and son duo.
BARBARIAN BRITISH RULE IN PUNJAB? A Gobindpura farmer has stated that the Punjab governments intimidation and harassment reminds him of the "Barbarian British Rule". Well done Badal sahib, another feather in your cap, and you have still not explained why you are acquiring land for a project with which you have not entered into a Power Purchase Agreement, for which there is no assured coal supply and no environmental clearance.
From beating his chest in the VIDHAN Sabha and taunting opposition MLAs about the NTPC Gidderbha power project, we now find BADAL sahib doing all he can to cancel this 2600MW power project, just because it is located in the constituency of his estranged nephew. I thought he said he always acted in the best interests of the state? No, he only only ever acted in the best interest of his family!
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