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Message from Jassi

As the climate cooled in September, the political temperature certainly got hotter. The farmers protest against the Mansa power project at Gobindpura culminated with a massive Congress rally on 2 September. I left with my supporters from Latala at 8.30am but soon we were part of a massive traffic jam. It took us 3 hours to reach Gobindpura for what became a huge event that truly motivated Congress workers and, at the same time, placed the ruling alliance on the back foot. To top it all Captain Sahib and other leaders actually breached the massive police blockade to meet the farmers within the village.

September also witnessed the opening of the Metro Cash and Carry at Ludhiana. Although I could not be there my team from the dairy unit were there as suppliers. I get the feeling that we are on the cusp of a retailing revolution, which will, amongst many things, lead to more farm produce actually making it to the market, faster and at more remunerative rates. It has to be good for both consumers and farmers.

To improve the environment, I initiated a tree plantation programme in my village Latala and encouraged other villages to do the same. We must never underestimate the importance of greenification if we are to reduce the amount of dust that gets blown around.

At Raqba village, K. K. Bawa, Chairman of Swami Ganganand Ji Puriwala Maharaj Charitable Trust, held a function to announce the setting up of a gowshala. This is a critical requirement in the areas stray cattle cause countless problems for farmers. Many NRIs and businessmen were present at this event and several donations were announced including my own.

The main event of the month in my constituency was, of course, Chapaar Mela on 12 September. This year we were intent on ensuring a massive presence, which my team truly delivered with the largest Congress tent and gathering ever at Chapaar Mela. As we distributed ladoos to the participants, some leaders commented on the contrast between sweets in the Congress tent and lathi charges in the Akali tent. Anyone witnessing the Congress gathering would have been left in no doubt that there will soon be a change of government in Punjab and a resounding success for Congress in Dakha halqa.

When Captain Sahib came to Ludhiana for one of his regular court dates I mentioned to him that a leading dairy reproduction expert was visiting my farm. Captain Sahib immediately welcomed a meeting at which his own scientific knowledge impressed many. Such interest and knowledge can only be good for the future of the dairy industry in Punjab.

This month I also updated my new website with a facility that allows NRIs to address several government functionaries. As tens of thousands of NRIs have issues with the Punjab government I hope many will use this route to seek information and remedies.  I made this section in response to people asking me how to contact various departments and believe it will be user friendly and practical.  As ever, I welcome your feedback!

September also witnessed the SGPC elections, which ended up as a farce with countless charges of manipulation of voters’ rolls and illegal voting. As a Sikh I felt deeply ashamed at the sight of non-Sikhs and voters with shorn hair openly voting. The end results surprised few because it was obvious from the start that the Badals intended to fraudulently foist their candidates on an institution that deserves better. I have always maintained that we need to free the SGPC from all politicians and leave its elections to be contested by those that serve the religion: the pathis, the granthis, the sewadaars, the writers and philosophers on Sikhism, the architects that promote a Sikh identity, etc....

I also travelled to London for 2 nights to see my daughter, Sabina, off to Spain for her 3rd year of her 4 year European Studies course. Sabina is already a great linguist and will return from Spain with even better skills that she hopes to one day deploy in the developmental sector. My visit coincided with that of the Punjab-in-Charge of the Congress party, Mr Gulchain Singh Charak, whom I met over tea. As I left London there was talk of a late heat wave, which arrived, this just goes to show that the climate is becoming more unpredictable everywhere and we need to consider and plan for these changes

October promises to be more active with elections getting ever closer. My team is certainly ramping up our preparations: all booth level committees are in place and we are now concentrating on the voters’ lists and zone coordinators have been appointed.  My last campaign in Halqa Qila Raipur was noted for its intensity and uniqueness. Rest assured that the next campaign in my new constituency will be no less innovative.

Many NRIs have contacted me to enquire about the likely polling date. My answer remains that we should assume 14 February, although we may not know till December. To those NRIs wishing to visit this November or December, I politely suggest that the visit be delayed in order that you are around Punjab at election time.

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Manu Sareen, S/O Satish Sareen, President of Indian Overseas Congress, Denmark, on his victory in the September 15, 2011 elections in Denmark. Manu is of Indian origin and migrated with his family to Denmark in 1971.  He has now been appointed as Minister for Equality and Church and Nordic Cooperation, in the Cabinet of Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Many thanks for your time.

Jassi Khangura
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Captain Sahib discusses dairy technologies
From Left to Right – Mr. Bhupinder S. Sidhu, S. Jagpal S. Khangura,
Jassi Khangura MLA, Ex-CM Captain Amarinder Singh, Mr. Juan Moreno and Dr. Amarpreet S. Sidhu
Jassi arranged and hosted a meeting between Captain Amarinder Singh and Mr. Juan Moreno from USA, who specialises in bovine genetics, at Hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana.  They discussed the latest Dairy technologies, the Indian dairy industry and had an in depth talk about international reproductive practices in the dairy industry.  Capt Amarinder Singh has extensive knowledge in this field and the discussion was interesting for both Mr Moreno and Captain Amarinder who gave his assurances that the latest technologies will be implemented to upgrade the dairy industry in Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh also expressed his appreciation at the steps taken by the Khangura family to uplift the dairy sector and said that Macro Dairy Ventures Limited is prime example not only of a new paradigm in dairying but also in social upliftment, having provided opportunity to over 1000 individuals to date to step out of poverty.
Mela Chappar
Jassi Khangura MLA with MP Manish Tewari, Mr. Bhupinder Sidhu and other key Congress supporters on the main stage at the Congress Conference at Mela Chappar 2011
The popular Mela Chappar is celebrated every year at village Chappar, Ludhiana. The fair falls on the fourth day of the month of Bhadas every year and was started 150 years back, just by small congregation of devotees.

In this Mela, there is a special trend of digging and scooping the land 7 times, which people consider will bring Gugga Pir to protect them against snakes. The Mela is full of music, fun and dance and has emerged as one of Punjab’s biggest grand festivals in past few decades.

 From left to right – Mr. Romy S. Chappar, Mr. Shampy S. Bhathal, Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat and  Mr. Bhupinder S. Sidhu along with supporters
From Left to right – Mr. Bhupinder S. Sidhu, Mr. Shamsher S. Dullo, Jassi Khangura MLA, Bibi Rajinder K. Bhatthal,
Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, Mr. Manjit S. Humbra along with supporters

On September 12, the largest ever Congress gathering at Mela Chappar took place with a huge network of supporters. The Mela was attended by Bibi Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, M.P Manish Tiwari, Ex-MLA Malkiat Singh Dakha and other senior Congress leaders, along with thousands of supporters.  Unfortunately Captain Amarinder Singh could not attend due to a meeting in Delhi with the Prime Minister, Home Minister and others.  The whole event seemed threatened by rain, but at the last minute the clouds cleared away and the teams set to task making it the biggest Congress conference at Mela Chappar to date.

In Jassi’s speech he said, “This Badal family is the only family who has sucked your blood to make their assets/properties. I know how tough it is to build a hotel, I have built one myself, Sukhbir Badal has not only built one, but is in process of building second hotel in Gurgaon worth 1500 crore. Father and son duo is making themselves richer and making the poor more poorer.”

Jassi condemned the lathi charges by the deceitful, dishonest, discriminatory and destructive SAD-BJP government at the SAD-BJP Conference also held at Mela Chappar against protesting unemployed people who had arrived to ask why there were no jobs in the State for them. Jassi said, “Every lathi blow is another nail in the coffin of this government. Badal sahib, your government days are numbered. You personally may never experience government again. History will not be kind to you for you alone have ruled both Punjab and the SGPC more than anyone else. Few consider you a saint today, but in time you will be remembered foremost for misrule and corrupt wealth.”

To see more pictures of Mela Chappar, please click here

To view Jassi’s speech, please click here

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Inauguration of Gowshala
From left to right: Mr. K.K Bawa Ex-Chairman Punajb Housefed, Mr. Bhupinder S. Sidhu, Mr. Hari S. Bawa, Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, Mr. Happy S. Deol and
Ex-MLA Mr. Jagdev S. Jassowal.
Swami Ganganand Ji Puriwala Maharaj Charitable Trust organized the inauguration of a Gowshala under the chairmanship of Mr. K.K Bawa, Ex-Chairman Punajb Housefed on September 11.

Gowshala’s in India are to provide shelter and care for those cows that have no home and are left to roam after they get old and cannot provide milk. Cows are considered sacred and are worshipped.

Jassi welcomed the initiative, praised Mr. K. K Bawa for his tremendous effort in conceiving this facility and stated that he was very impressed with the work of the Trust.

On this occasion Jassi announced a donation of 51,000.
Miss Fresher 2011 at Guru Nanak College Women Gujarkhana Campus
From left to Right: Bibi Gurdial K. Khangura ji, Mrs. Amandeep K. Khangura, Mrs. Karmjit K. Virdi and Mrs. Amrit K. Sarna (W/O General Secretary of the College)
Bibi Gurdial K. Khangura ji and Amandeep K. Khangura were the Chief Guests at the Miss Fresher 2011 at Guru Nanak College Gujarkhana Campus on August 30.

Fashion show consisted of over 45 students walking the ramp and many dance performances from different origins.

Amandeep says, “Women who are educated and have been given a chance, have proved that they excel in their professions and careers. Educated and enlightened women can look after families better, make societies compassionate and make nations progressive.”
In Amandeep’s closing ceremony, she congratulated Mrs. Karmjit K. Virdi, Principal of the College, on hosting such a fabulous event which is an excellent opportunity for the young ladies to build confidence and self-esteem. Amandeep encouraged hard work, personality development and respect for the poor, weak, elderly and the environment.

On this occasion, Amandeep, on behalf of Jassi, announced complimentary lunch for 8 students, awardee’s of the function, and 2 staff members at Park Plaza hotel.

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Jassi launches “email Punjab Government” facility for NRIs
Making best use of his new website, Jassi is successfully providing a facility for NRIs with which, with one click, they can mail all the Punjab Government representatives with responsibility for NRIs.

Jassi said “so many NRIs ask me and my team how they can get in touch with the Government, so I have provided this facility for them to do so without spending hours trying to track down the right person and their contact details.”  He added, wryly “of course, contacting this Government is something I can help with, whether they respond or not remains to be seen, though I sincerely hope we’re all pleasantly surprised!”

The facility can be accessed from the home page of Jassi’s website, or from the dedicated NRI section. It features everyone from the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister to the Inspector-General NRI Affairs and the regional NRI police offices and the NRI Electoral Office.

Jassi said “I sincerely hope NRIs will find this an easy to use tool for them to share their issues with the relevant people in Government.” He said that this seemed a logical service to provide from his new site which is designed to provide useful information to both NRIs and his constituents and said “we will be adding more functionality as time goes on but this was something I wanted people to be able to access as soon as possible.”

To email Punjab government, please click here

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MDVL Success story – Karamjeet Kaur
Karamjeet Kaur with her son and daughter, who are able to continue into higher education thanks to Karamjeet’s entrepreneurship 
Karamjeet Kaur is an MDVL Woman Entrepreneur.  She’s the mother of a teenage son and daughter and separated from her husband 12 years ago.  She lives in Nangal Kalan and keeps her cows at Phallewal Community Dairy Unit.  Her son is striving to be a scientist and is currently in the final year of his B.Sc and her daughter is in 10th class.  Karamjeet says that only thanks to being a Woman Entrepreneur has it been possible for her children to continue their education to this level.

She explained that when she first decided to become a Woman Entrepreneur under the MDVL scheme, she met some opposition from others in her village.  However, she was determined to change the circumstances of herself and her children, which she says she has now happily done.

She is pictured here with her son and daughter, looking happy and confident, and also at Phallewal where she keeps her cows.

Jassi encourages all NRI’s to enrol in the electoral roll
As discussed in previous e-newsletter, Jassi encourages and request s all NRIs to register their names in the electoral roll here in India.
Jassi’s web utility provides full information about who is entitled to register and how they can achieve this. In order to register your name in the electoral name, you need to be over 18, with an Indian passport that has your Indian address on it. Your constituency is based on the address that is on your passport.

Please follow the steps on to register your name in the electoral roll with a step-by-step guideline including a sample form filled out. For any questions, please feel free to contact Taruna Jindal-Kundra in UK, +44 751 529 8840 or Amandeep Khangura in India, +91 9878 000 104.

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Jassi on Facebook discussing SGPC

As discussed in previous e-newsletter, Jassi encourages and request s all NRIs to register their names in the electoral roll here in India.
Jassi’s web utility provides full information about who is entitled to register and how they can achieve this. In order to register your name in the electoral name, you need to be over 18, with an Indian passport that has your Indian address on it. Your constituency is based on the address that is on your passport.

Join Jassi on Facebook to discuss SGPC elections, ‘Free the SGPC from Politicans:’ You can also set this page up to notify you when a new discussion topic is started, so you can weigh into the debates!
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Best of Jassi on Facebook

Jassi launches a new iframe tab on his Facebook page, ‘BEST OF JASSI.’ This page was created to get a measure of what he has done since becoming an MLA. To access the page, click here

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