Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh treads where the Badals fear to go - 28/06/2010

S. Prakash Singh Badal Ji,
Hon. Chief Minister Punjab
CM Punjab Residence
House 45 Sector 2,

28 June 2010

Dear Badal sahib,

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh treads where the Badals fear to go.

Surely the sight of our PM in Toronto meeting NRI Punjabis is a wake up call for you?

NRIs are tired of your Ministers, MLAs and other minions visiting Canada and question why you and your family do not visit their country.

I am surprised that some 3 ½ years into your current term you have not found sufficient time to visit the large NRI Punjabi community in Canada. You have been to the USA, to Israel, to other countries but not to Canada. Moreover, your son, Sukhbir Badal, who is known to jet off around the world on numerous shopping and investment trips at the drop of a hat, has for reasons best known to himself studiously avoided Canada.

In the absence of your family from Canada, countless Ministers, ruling alliance MLAs and Akali party office bearers have left no part of that country unturned, at considerable expense to their hosts. Does it not concern you that these persons, having collected party funds in your name, are actually filling their own pockets and shopping in the best department stores, buying the most luxurious of brands with a budget that significantly overshadows that of their hosts?

Having presided over the largest loot of NRI owned property in the history of Punjab and having filed thousands of false FIRs on innocent NRIs I am surprised that your representatives can even dare to face Canadian NRIs. But please do not be mistaken. Today’s welcomes for Akalis in Canada are only because NRIs have relatives back in Punjab for whom they wish to avoid further intimidation by your administration. The reality will dawn upon you during the next Punjab Assembly elections when NRIs will be overwhelmingly geared up against the Akali Party.

Perhaps you can now finally explain to the Canadian Punjabis why you and your family choose to avoid their adopted country like the plague. Do these Canadian NRIs not have issues to present to you? Or is it that you are ashamed to encounter the numerous families whose lives you have ruined?

It is indefensible that you wish to attract NRI investment yet you refuse to visit the highly concentrated Punjabis in Canada.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,


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