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Message from Jassi
Welcome to my new look e-newsletter. It matches the style of my new website, Hope you like it and feedback will be appreciated.

August was dominated by the Mansa power project and SGPC elections in Punjab and the Anna Hazare situation in Delhi. It wasn't, however, completely depressing as there was a good mix of local activities and I also managed to travel out of India to meet NRIs for a few days.

We hosted dinner on Friday 5 August for Tejinder Sekhon, a successful businessman from the UK, not knowing that I would be double booked as Capt Amarinder Singh was also our guest at Ludhiana the same evening. Some deft handling meant I was able to spend time in both functions.

On 7 August we had a dental health camp at village Detwal organised by the Mahilla group.  With support from the CMC I stressed the need for good dental hygiene and encouraged the government to bring these services closer to the rural population. It was very heartening to see the ladies of the village leading the way. I have long believed that social change takes place more effectively when women are in charge.

Pursuant to discussions with Capt. Sahib at Ludhiana, I was promptly appointed as NRI Representative of the Punjab Congress. Not one to waste time I travelled out of India on 12 August and proceeded to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New Jersey, London, Birmingham and Manchester. I met with loads of NRIs, exchanged views, gauged their issues, their active interest in Punjab politics and invited them to come in large numbers for the forthcoming Punjab elections.

In my absence monsoon rain on 12 and 13 August brought Ludhiana to its knees once again, underlying the fact that the city just does not have adequate storm water drainage. It is shocking to witness that Punjab's industrial heart and largest city contributes most to the state treasury, but the state does so little for Ludhiana except sell its choicest of properties for questionable private developments.

At the end of August we had the Akhand Path for the new freshers at Gobind National College, Narangwal. I was particularly impressed by the cheques that were distributed to the students aggregating to more than Rs.5 lakhs which were from the Union Minority Affairs Department.

We also launched a new facility on my website to provide information about NRI Voting in India. Whilst there are issues requiring clarification I hope to see several thousand NRI votes registered by year end.

Throughout August there was the usual noise relating to the SGPC elections. Although Congress is keeping a safe distance, I make my opinion known to anyone that asks. I wish we could free the SGPC from all politicians and leave it for the sewadaars.

My press releases this month were both about the Mansa Power Project. I fail to understand why this government has not entered into a power purchase agreement, yet continues to acquire land merely on the basis of an MOU. What's the incentive, Mr Badal?

Anna Hazare and Lokpal meant that the media had little else to report. I commented extensively on Facebook, where to my surprise my comments aggregated to 6 regular pages, no less! My view remains that the objective is accepted by all but not the means: we cannot have persons outside Parliament writing the law. My letter to the Editor on Lokpal was published in several papers.

On Facebook I initiated several Discussions on far ranging subjects from the Ludhiana Metro to NRIs to, inevitably, Anna Hazare, which, to my surprise, were all very well contributed to. You can still contribute to these discussions and I’ll keep putting up more as time goes on.

I also launched my new-look website with lots of new functionality, including a messaging facility for NRIs to the various government officials. Let's see how many get replies!

September will be interesting with Chapaar mela, SGPC voting (if we get that far), the continuing Lokpal saga (the film cannot be far away!) cooler weather and rising political temperatures.

Thanks for your time.

Jassi Khangura
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Jassi launches New Website
The new e-newsletter design introduced this month is to compliment the new exciting and informative website,, which Jassi launched recently.  The website consists of all constituency related information. It also has a separate section for NRIs.

Jassi stated that his old site which started over 7 years ago, has served as a great tool with which to contact with supporters everywhere. From simple beginnings the old site had been regularly enhanced and had become a regular reference point for many.

With delimitation resulting in the abolition of Halqa Qila Raipur (incidentally the only Grewal-centric constituency that Punjab ever had) Jassi decided it was time for a complete new start, not just a make over.

The new site fully reflects Jassi’s personality. It is loud but not over powering. The home page is less busy, the tabs are fewer and the pages are logically listed.

Jassi says, ‘this is now my one step portal for information on Dakha and Qila Raipur areas as well as having a separate section for NRIs.” He continues to say, “I wanted to replace my old website with something more relevant to people’s needs and requirements today, hence it has a Facebook plugin, which acknowledges the importance of that to our users also.”

The site has been developed to help people find the information they want, including data on villages and a specially designed section explaining how NRIs can register to vote in India.

Jassi welcomes feedback about the new site. Do you like it? Any downloading issues? Can you find what you are looking for?

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Tour to US, Canada and UK
With the supporters from villages of Halka Dakha in Toronto
Jassi travelled to USA, Canada and UK to interact with NRIs for their support in the upcoming elections. He had also been asked by Captain Amarinder Singh to work on his behalf in preparation for Captain Sahib’s own visit to the area before Diwali this year.

The tour was a great success in which many people gave their time and support. Many supporters shared their views about the elections, NRI voting rights and wished for a change in Punjab.

With Supporters at
Calgary Airport upon arrival
Along with members of all groups of INOC, Mr. Garry S. Gewal, Mr. Raj Chohan, MLA, Jinny Sims,
MP Sabba Hundal, Mr. Gurdial Singh, Mr. Puri, Mr. Deepak Dharma and others
Mela Gadri Babian Da, Bear Creek Park–Vancouver, BC
In no specific order are Mr. Sukhwinder Singh, Mr. Buta Singh, Mr. Hans Singh, Mr. Barjinder S. Brar of Sikh Federation of USA, Mr. Mandeep Hans, Chairman INOC, Mr. Hardeep S. Sekhon, Mr. Gurmit S. Gill President Punjab Wing, Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr.  Baljit S. Dhillon,Mr. Major S. Dhillon, Mr. Bahadur Singh, Mr Jagdeep Sohal.Sitting are Mr. Eric Kumar and  Mrs. Pam Kwatra, President INOC (New Jersey)

Jassi toured Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and New Jersey. There was a press conference at each location followed by interaction with NRI’s. The NRI media generally asked incisive questions about Anna Hazare, Lokpal, the SGPC elections, the clemency plea for Prof. Devinder Singh Bhullar and about Punjab politics.

Concerns were also raised about the NRI issues such as the union blacklist, property in Punjab, matrimonial disputes, passports and visas.

Jassi assured all, that the incoming government would provide a higher profile to the NRI Affairs department and would review the functioning of the proposed NRI commission and would create a pro-business environment to facilitate NRI investment.

Jassi stated that the loot of NRI assets in Punjab must stop and that the new government would work to win the confidence of NRIs.

Jassi particularly enjoyed addressing the “Gadhri Babian Da Mela” at Bear Creek Park, Surrey, an annual event attended by the tens of thousands in honour of the late Prof. Mohan Singh which was initiated many years ago by Sardar Singh Jassowal.

For a full collection of pictures, please log onto our new website, or Facebook,

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Jassi Khangura honours NRI Tejinder Singh Sekhon
From Left to right: Mr. Lal Singh, Jassi Khangura MLA,Capt Amarinder Singh, Mr. Tejinder S. Sekhon (NRI) and Mr. Harbans S. Kanwal
On 05/08/2011 Jassi organized a dinner in honor of 31 year old NRI, Tejinder Singh Sekhon, Awardee of the Young Entrepreneur of the year 2011 by the Indo British Business forum UK, in the House of Commons on July 2, 1011.

The dinner was held at Hotel Majestic Park Plaza, in which NRIs and residents of Mr. Sekhon's native village, Barundi, took part. Addressing the gathering, Jassi said, ‘Sekhon had set an example by achieving so much in so little time. Mr. Sekhon emigrated to UK in 2002 and within just nine years, he proved that 'where there is a will, there is a way'.’ Jassi honoured Mr. Sekhon and urged him to inspire the youth in Punjab.

Mr. Sekhon, while commenting on his success story, said, “There is no alternative to hard work, I would suggest the youngsters to not go abroad without qualification and authentic documents.“ Mr. Sekhon further said that when he went to UK, he possessed a graduate degree and started liquor business there. He further said that he would like to invest in Punjab whenever conditions were favorable. Coincidentally, Captain Amarinder Singh happened to be Jassi’s guest that day also, making for a great photo opportunity with Tejinder.
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Narangwal College 2011-12 Session Commences 
In no specific order are, Ex-MLA Mr. Malkiat S. Dakha, Jassi Khangura MLA, Mr. Gurjit S. Gujjarwal, Mr. Balvir Singh, Mr. Manmohan S. Narangwal, Mr. Kiratinderpal Singh, Dr. Sukhdev S. Sirsa with staff and students
On 30/08/2011 Jassi attended Akhand Path Sahib Bhog to commence the 2011- 2012 session at Gobind National College Narangwal.  He gave assurance of full support to the college and encouraged students to work hard.

Principal Dr. Hardiljit Singh Gosal said, “the poor students will be given scholarships and there will be free bus service for girls.” On this occasion 5 lakh from the Union Minority Affairs Department were distributed among 85 students.

In his address Jassi encouraged the fresher’s to work hard, to be good team players, both in education and in sports, to be creative and to respect the faculty. At the same time Jassi also requested faculty to be accessible, accommodating and inspirational fort the students.

The college is headed by a highly energetic, dynamic and dedicated Principal, Dr. Hardiljit Singh Gosal and President S. Jagpal S. Khangura.
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Medical Camp at Village Detwal
Jassi Khangura MLA with doctors and supporters
On 07/08/2011 Jassi attended free medical camp at village Detwal. The medical camp was organized by Vikas Mahila Mandal of the village and doctors from CMC Hospital. There were free medical check-ups of over 100 patients and free medicines were also distributed.

On this occasion Mr. Kamaljit S. Bitu, Mr. Kulwant S. Dhillon, Mr. Pritam Singh, Mr. Harpal Singh, Mr. Amarjit S. Walia and many others were present.

Jassi donated financial assistance of 11,000 to the Vikas Mahila Mandal.

From left to right: Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Bibi Manpreet Kaur, Jassi Khangura MLA, Mrs. Rashpal Kaur and Mrs. Agiyapal Kaur
In his address Jassi spoke about the importance of dental health, the need for frequent tooth brushing, and the early treatment of cavities. He stressed the need to reduce the use of both salt and sugar. Jassi also encouraged an active lifestyle and he was impressed by the facilities in the mobile van of the CMC Dental College.
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MDVL Success story – Sunita Rani
Sunita Rani with her son 
Sunita Rani is a 25 year old widow and a mother of a young son.  Her late husband, Kuldeep Singh, had been a well-known tailor in their village, Kotli, and provided well for his wife and son.  But sadly he died from a heart attack when their son was only 3 months old.  Despite his family being a large one, support for Sunita Rani was not there and she gradually found herself without the means to earn a living.

Sunita Rani is illiterate and had no skills with which to earn money and so starting doing work as a servant in other peoples’ houses.

Unfortunately, the money from that work was nowhere near enough to make ends meet and she often had to borrow money to be even able to buy vegetables for herself and her son.

When Sunita Rani’s son became ill, she didn’t have any money to pay for his medical treatment. Her in-laws didn’t help her and she had to ask her own parents, which they provided within their own meagre means. All this time she has been living in a single room with a leaking roof, which during the monsoon means all her possessions would get wet and damaged.

Until MDVL opened a Community Dairy Unit in her village this year, where she now keeps five cows and is earning income through her entrepreneurship, Sunita Rani had absolutely no hope. Now, she says the nutrition she can provide her son has already improved as she regularly buys the much needed vegetables. Additionally, she plans to slowly improve her living conditions with the money she earns from her business and dreams of providing a better life for her son.
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Jassi Launches Online NRI Voter Registration
The NRI voting statute was personally driven by Hon. Dr. Manmohan Singh for which he has to be thanked. However, many NRI’s remain confused about its provisions and implementation, so Jassi decided to provide some online (where else?) assistance.

Jassi’s web utility provides full information about who is entitled to register and how they can achieve this.

In order to register your name in the electoral name, you need to be over 18, with an Indian passport that has your Indian address on it. Your constituency is based on the address that is on your passport.

Jassi encourages and request’s all NRIs to register their names in the electoral roll.

Please follow the steps on  to register your name in the electoral roll with a step-by-step guideline including a sample form filled out. For any questions, please feel free to contact Taruna Jindal-Kundra in UK, +44 751 529 8840  or Amandeep Khangura in India, +91 9878 000 104.
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Jassi on Facebook about Anna Hazare and Lokpal
Jassi was quite open with his views on Facebook and here is what Jassi had to say:

“Anna Hazare has managed to generate momentum and large crowds because he has a very saleable message that has near universal appeal. The solution, however, is far more complex than Anna Hazare leads us to believe. The movement is now far bigger than a mere pressure group and as such it is not happy just to offer advice but wishes to write the legislation and, in the process, undermine our elected legislators.

Anna's team should accept a reasonable first Lokpal Bill and then start working on the second.

A democracy works by applying the law that is written, reviewed and passed by the legislators. Allowing others to write the law is a very dangerous road. OK the Anna Hazare movement has to date been orderly but future copycat movements may not be so disciplined.

What would happen if in due course 100 different groups started agitating for new states, water rights, capital punishment, gay marriage, food grain royalties, guaranteed jobs for all graduates, etc.... If they all felt that they could get their way just by way of mass organised protest, then you would have mob rule and anarchy with no one in control.

Anna Hazare is taking us on a very slippery and potentially dangerous road. His arguments have some merit but it is his manner for forcing the issue that is dangerous for the future of the country.

Public protest is a fundamental right in a democracy. The problem with the Anna Hazare movement is that Lokpal is being presented as the definitive solution to corruption, whereas in reality it is at best a starting point. The biggest weapon against corruption is political will, for which civil society needs our political parties!

Anna Hazare and his team need to advise the public:

  1. To what extent Lokpal would reduce corruption
  2. What else should be done after the Lokpal bill is passed to further reduce corruption?”
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Join Jassi on Facebook and be part of Discussions
Join Jassi on Facebook,, and discuss current issues and concerns, may it be in International, Punjab or India.

During August Jassi initiated the following discussions:

  1. Free the SGPC from all Politicians
  2. Any remedy for Punjab's drug culture?
  3. Ludhiana Metro – Necessity or Pipe Dream?
  4. Are NRIs Good for Punjab?
  5. Lokpal: the final solution?
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