Anna Hazare’s Lokpal Bill solution is far more complex than what he leads us to believe – 24/08/2011

Dear Sir

Anna Hazare has managed to generate momentum and large crowds because he has a very saleable message that has near universal appeal. The solution, however, is far more complex than he leads us to believe. The movement is now far bigger than a mere pressure group and as such it is not happy just to offer advice but wishes to write the legislation and, in the process, undermine our elected legislators.

Anna's team should accept a reasonable first Lokpal Bill and then start working on the second.

A democracy works by applying the law that is written, reviewed and passed by the legislators. Allowing others to write the law is a very dangerous road. OK the AH movement has to date been orderly but future copycat movements may not be so disciplined.

What would happen if in due course 100 different groups started agitating for new states, water rights, capital punishment, gay marriage, food grain royalties, guaranteed jobs for all graduates, etc.... If they all felt that they could get their way just by way of mass organised protest, then you would have mob rule and anarchy with no one in control.

AH is taking us on a very slippery and potentially dangerous road. His arguments have some merit but it is his manner for forcing the issue that is dangerous for the future of the country.

Public protest is a fundamental right in a democracy. The problem with the AH movement is that Lokpal is being presented as the definitive solution to corruption, whereas in reality it is at best a starting point. The biggest weapon against corruption is political will, for which civil society needs our political parties!

AH and his team need to advise the public:

1. To what extent Lokpal would reduce corruption

2. What else should be done after the Lokpal bill is passed to further reduce corruption.

Yours faithfully

Jassi Khangura MLA (INC)
+91 98761 97761

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