Unemployment is a potent factor forcing the helpless households below the poverty line. Rural areas are left behind in case of employment opportunity that's why in Qila Raipur area BJSBT has taken up this at the top most priority. IT education and training programs for adults and youth will help to get employment in cities as well as these people can serve their rural areas to improve infrastructure and thus expected to improve productivity.

The Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) is the apex industry association at national level of all hotels and restaurants in India . In addition to representing the hospitality industry in legislative and other governmental matters, FHRAI also does considerable work in research, publications and the professional development of managers in India's hospitality sector.
Sarovar Hotels & Resorts pioneered in venturing into the mid-market segment in the Indian hospitality landscape. The Company over a period of ten years has successfully churned the demand in this segment, and is now the fourth largest chain in India, with 35 hotels across the country and overseas. It has a diverse portfolio encompassing hotels, resorts, restaurants and corporate hospitality.
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