Jassi believes that it’s of primary importance when planning social work projects to ensure that any project will have a “legacy” for those involved. That a project should have lasting benefit. He strives to achieve this through providing training, vocational opportunity and other skill development initiatives in the communities in which he works. He says “sadly there are still large numbers of very poor people in modern Punjab. I will do what I can to help bring about opportunities for those individuals through providing them opportunities to add skills which will help them earn income for themselves and their families.”

When standing for election in 2007 Jassi promised to continue to work to improve the lives of the poorest sectors in his constituency. Through the family trust LifeBuilder (Babu Joginder Singh Benevolent Trust) he has, for many years, been carrying out grass roots projects in the Qila Raipur area.

This social work has continued to date with numerous activities such as health camps (several each year in various villages), support for local sports, and key projects such as the massively successful IELTS course, the last term of which saw 274 students complete a free English language training course run by a qualified TOEFL teacher from England. This course will be returning to the area at the end of 2011 to bring the opportunity to others in the area.

Jassi believes strongly that we need to enable the youth of Punjab by giving them access to skills development. His CHKM (Certificate in Hospitality Kitchens Management) course saw young, unemployed individuals from the villages of Qila Raipur undergo basic training in Punjab before attending a national level course in NOIDA. Many of these course graduates are now successfully employed in the hospitality industry around India.

Most recently, Jassi’s new paradigm in dairying, MDVL, has partnered with women from across the Qila Raipur area. These women are from the poorest sectors and now are stepping out of poverty thanks to their dairy entrepreneurship. This has changed not only their present ability to afford essentials such as medicines, but has changed the futures of their children, who they can now afford to educate.

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