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The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs -

Besides dealing with all matters relating to Overseas Indians (Ols) comprising persons of Indian origin (PIOs) and non-resident Indians (NRIs), the Ministry is engaged in several initiatives with Ols in promotion of trade and investment, emigration, education, culture, health, and science & technology among others. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) was established in May 2004 as the Ministry of Non-Resident Indians’ Affairs, it was renamed as the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) in September 2004. Driven by a mission of development through coalitions in a world without borders, MOIA seeks to connect the Indian Diaspora community with its motherland.

Positioned as a ‘Services’ Ministry, it provides information, partnerships and facilitations for all matters related to Overseas Indians (comprising Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).

This Ministry is implementing this Act in letter and spirit to meet the aspirations of the applicants. All efforts are made to provide information to the applicants within stipulated period of 30 days.

Overseas Indian: Connecting India with its Diaspora -

Official e-zone of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs is organized into three functional divisions and three functional units. Of the three Divisions, two are headed by Joint Secretaries. They are the Diaspora Services Division and the Financial Services Division. The Protector General of Emigrants (PGoE) heads the Overseas Employment Services Division. The Social Services Unit and the Management Services Unit are staffed with officers of the rank of Deputy Secretary. The Information Services Unit is headed by the Senior Technical Director (NIC).

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas -

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) is celebrated on 9th January every year to mark the contribution of Overseas Indian community in the development of India. January 9 was chosen as the day to celebrate this occasion since it was on this day in 1915 that Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest Pravasi, returned to India from South Africa, led India’s freedom struggle and changed the lives of Indians forever.

PBD conventions are being held every year since 2003. These conventions provide a platform to the overseas Indian community to engage with the government and people of the land of their ancestors for mutually beneficial activities. These conventions are also very useful in networking among the overseas Indian community residing in various parts of the world and enable them to share their experiences in various fields.

During the event, individuals of exceptional merit are honoured with the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award to appreciate their role in India’s growth. The event also provides a forum for discussing key issues concerning the Indian Diaspora.

Confederation of Indian Industry -

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of industry in India, partnering industry and government alike through advisory and consultative processes.

Overseas Workers Resource Centre Overview -

Several Indians are employed abroad in lower skill level jobs. Many of the Indian low skill workers employed abroad sometimes face problems such as poor working and living conditions and other challenges. Generally issues occur during three stages – pre-deployment, post-deployment and reintegration phase. The issues mainly pertain to exploitation by recruiting agencies, withholding of passports and related documents by employers, withholding and delaying of wages and other entitlements by employers. Problems are also being faced related to access to health care, detention, removal and so on

Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre -

The Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre is a not for profit public private initiative of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) established in may 2007.

The Centre has been set up to expand the economic engagement of the Indian Diaspora with India and facilitate effective knowledge exchange.

Its 4 fold mandate is as follows:

(a) promoting overseas Indian investments into India and facilitating business partnerships,
(b) establishing and maintaining a Diaspora Knowledge Network,
(c) assisting States in India to project investment opportunities to overseas Indians, and
(d) to provide a host of advisory services to PIO's and NRI's.

NRI Welfare Society of India–

Society job is to mobilize NRIs to bring them closer to their motherland sentimentally and emotionally by projecting India in correct perspective, as NRIs living away from the country are still not aware of the achievements and progress and developments made by the country.

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