Letter to Hon. Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji, ‘Two-faced Akalis deserve no sympathy,’ on 30/07/2008

Hon. Dr Manmohan Singh Ji,
Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

30 July 2008

Dear Prime Minister,

Two-faced Akalis deserve no sympathy

The decisive victory in the recent confidence motion is testament to your resolve and integrity. I am certain that in years to come this will be viewed as a true point of inflexion in our destiny, a maturation of our democracy and a significant step to our rightful place on the super-power table.

Not only do you deserve every plaudit that is being showered on you, but it is the catapulting of this nation in the esteem of foreign eyes that truly deserves mention. We are firmly and decisively moving from being a “can do” nation to a “will do” nation.

We pray that in the remaining term of this Union administration a similar zest and vigour pervades fresh Union legislation in order that we can effectively sell to the electorate a manifesto that defines a more prosperous, peaceful and equitable future and differentiates us truly from the opposing parties and alliances.

The vote has also exposed the Akalis as duplicitous, deserters of the state and national causes.

Many a time has this father and son duo that “manages” Punjab, turned to you with folded hands, dubious alms and fabricated smiles, to pursue Punjab issues, only to return to Punjab claiming “victory”, whilst spitting venom on, sadly, your office, the UPA alliance, in general, and the Congress Party, in particular.

Now that their true colours have been well and truly revealed, we must ensure that in future all UPA assistance to Punjab must carry the hallmark of the donor and not the recipient. There is compelling evidence that the utilisation of central funds in Punjab be made subject to additional independent concurrent audit to prevent politicisation in deployment.

The Punjab government’s atta-dal scheme is so tainted by inequitable distribution and political patronage that it warrants either a immediate enquiry by a Commission chaired by a sitting High Court judge or by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Messrs. Badal simply cannot be trusted, for their style of management has many of the hallmarks of totalitarian regime strategies, including maintaining political power by police action to suppress innocent Punjabi’s, electoral intimidation and manipulation, spreading false propaganda, creating personality cults, the regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, the use of mass surveillance, and the widespread use of terror tactics.

The Akalis have demonstrated beyond question that effective suppression only requires action against a few persons from each target audience, including amongst others, a few legislators, a few officers (IAS, IPS, PCS, PPS and alike), a few hundred sarpanches and panches, let alone numerous Congress workers, and, hey presto, who have a compliant populace and administration. Consequently, there are no effective checks and balances on constitutional powers abused by this Punjab administration.

That the Punjab IAS and IPS lobbies are mute spectators today is proof of their dutiful execution of the illegal, dastardly instructions from their political masters. Yes, a group of senior IPS officers did express their discontent in the early stages of this administration, but does any officer, senior or junior, even utter a public murmur today? No they do not, for most are busy proceeding on leave, joining career-development courses abroad or seeking their transfer to the centre.

Yes, there will be a political solution, but the next assembly elections are some way away. In the meantime as the leader of this nation, you cannot allow the suffering of Punjabis to continue.

Please stop the bloodshed by immediately deploying in Punjab the full power of your Intelligence Bureau and CBI to urgently bring to account every politician and officer perpetrating illegal acts.

A flash 30 day report will provide sufficient proof of this government’s misdeeds and will, at the very least, provide some relief to the suffering masses as Punjab officers think twice before turning on innocents.

In 1983, albeit under different circumstances, it took the loss of 4 innocent lives to impose Presidential rule in Punjab. In the last 17 months far more lives have been lost on account of political action. With new found political equations at the centre we need to bring such an action into the realms of possibility at an early date.

Kind regards,

Yours faithfully,

Jassi Khangura MLA

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