Khangura wonders how come Punjab is poor while Badals are richer! - 29/07/2009

JALALABAD, July 29: The Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today told the people of Jalalabad to ask Sukhbir Badal, seeking election from here to the assembly, what he and his government have done so far and what they were going to do in future. He said, the only thing they have succeeded at is turning Punjab bankrupt while getting wealthier themselves.

Addressing a series of meetings in the Jalalabad assembly segment in support of the party candidate Hans Raj Josan, along with legislator colleague Rana Gurmeet Sodhi, Khangura cautioned people here against the motives of Sukhbir Badal warning them, “he (Sukhbir) will simply vanish away from Jalalabad after the elections and go hunting to find out if anything has been left out as they have already grabbed the transport business, the liquor vends, the sand mining and the cable network”.

He remarked, “it is surprising while Punjab is going poorer and poorer day by day, the Badals are getting richer day by day adding to their seven star hotels, the transport business and buying luxury private jets”.

Don’t go by the tall promises he is making here, Qila Raipur MLA told his audiences, while adding, “ask him what happened to the promises he made so far”. He pointed out, the aata-daal scheme had failed, there was no power in the state, infrastructure was at its dismal worst and the industry was running away from here.

Khangura, who drew good crowds for his passionate and aggressive style of speaking, pointed out, “Sukhbir Badal had promised that the state would be power surplus within two years and now they have extended the deadline to 2012...they promised subsidized aata-daal to the poor but gave it selectively to their own party workers only”.

He warned people against Sukhbir’s inducements. “He (Sukhbir) is not going to be here again as he is not at all interested in this constituency”, he said, while adding, “he is here just because he could not find any other assembly segment to fulfill his dream of becoming the Chief Minister”.

The Qila Raipur MLA drew the attention of the people towards the massive scandal involving hundreds of acres of land around Mohali airport and pointed out, the beneficiaries are too obvious. He said, similarly the land belonging to NRIs is grabbed with government patronage.

He pointed out, the Badal family has stopped looking beyond Bathinda. Whatever development projects the centre sanctions for the state, the Badals run away with those to Bathinda as if rest of Punjab did not exist at all.

Khangura lashed out at the visionless Sukhbir Badal. “His only qualification is that of being vindictive towards his political opponents”, he observed, while pointing out, “about 50 Congress workers were killed since this government took over while hundreds others have been injured and thousands more implicated in false cases”.

The Congress MLA said, now was the time to hold Sukhbir accountable for his sins of omission and commission. “Now is the time to teach him a lesson so that he will never dare to indulge in vindictiveness and misadventure aimed at settling personal scores with political opponents which was unheard of so far in Punjab”, Khangura said, while appealing the people to vote for the Congress.

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