Khangura to Sukhbir Badal: Stop criticising the centre and present your policies - 28/07/2009

CHANDIGARH 28 July 2008. Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today criticised Sukhbir Badal for his negative campaigning and asked him to spell out his agenda instead of criticising and condemning the central government for everything. “If the centre is responsible for everything, then what has this deceitful government been doing all this time?” Khangura asked Sukhbir.

Analysing Sukhbir’s campaign, Khangura stated that “Sukhbir has so far in his bye-election campaign not spoken a single word about his own development agenda or his purported vision for the state. Nor has he detailed his government’s achievements to date. May be he should update us on where we are on the countless projects highlighted in numerous full page advertisements.”

The MLA added, “He stands exposed for promising the earth and delivering very little. He needs to meets the mothers denied their atta and dal and their starving babies, he needs to visit the SC families whose homes were demolished by Akali goons and above all need needs to visit Major GS Benipal, the brave Ludhiana tehsildar who stood up to his goons, to understand the anarchy that he has brought to Punjab. But sadly he is so engrossed with the pleasures and privileges of power that he is totally detached from public sentiment.”

The Qila Raipur MLA pointed out, “One day Sukhbir condemns the centre for not supplying coal, then he seeks a JPC probe into basmati exports, next day he seeks disbanding of the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB), before quickly berating the centre for not declaring draught as a national calamity.”

Jassi stressed that “Even a novice knows that disbanding the BBMB is not feasible for its functions simply cannot be performed by any single state. For over 40 years it has been discharging its duties equitably in resonance with its mandate, yet Sukhbir somehow feels that it can be disbanded in one fell swoop without consequence. Sukhbir’s policies are all slash-and-burn; if you don’t like it abolish it.”

Khangura queried “Is this really just Sukhbir or is it his media advisors, script writers and sound-bite specialists all having a heyday? He needs to learn constructive developmental governance for which numerous professional courses are available. Next time rather than going to Dubai maybe he should try The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.”

He further observed “This is sheer political rhetoric devoid of any logic or substance. The hardworking people of Punjab are alarmed because Sukhbir has till date demonstrated none of the qualities expected from a person on the brink of assuming the highest democratic office of the state.”

Khangura questioned whether Sukhbir had the administrative experience to direct the affairs of the state and whether he has any agenda other than promoting increased lawlessness and corruption, the loot of the treasury directly and indirectly, and the incessant grab of NRI property.

Khangura added “One expects the CM-to-be to act more statesman-like and less like a college bully. Some 13 years after becoming a legislator Sukhbir has yet to present a convincing argument that he truly deserves to be CM. Sadly for Punjabis his claim appears to be based solely on his blood lineage.”

Khangura suggested that following a drubbing at the recent Parliamentary elections the President of the SAD needs to go back to the people, understand their issues and then formulate people and development centric policies. Jassi quipped “Maybe like Laloo he needs to return to the grassroots to try to reconnect with the ordinary masses.”

The Congress MLA further pointed out that Sukhbir owes an explanation to the people for what he actually delivered for Punjab during his recent short-lived tenure as Deputy Chief Minister except for vengeance and vindictiveness against his political opponents. Jassi stated “most of what we heard about in those 5 ½ months was about Sukhbir buying planes and flying around the world. What of the people grounded in Punjab?”

He said Sukhbir must be afraid and apologetic about his “achievements” which are stained with the blood of the Congress workers who were killed, maimed and slapped with false FIRs during these two and a half years. “Now he thinks he can wriggle out of the situation by trying to blame the central government. The people of Punjab may be poor but their value their dignity and they will not forgive Sukhbir,” Khangura asserted.

“Sukhbir can’t keep on blaming others continuously, nor can he continuously beg for everything from the Centre”, he remarked, whilst adding, “Sukhbir can only cry “FOX!” so often. Punjabis simply do not believe him and these imaginary or delusionary grievances do not hold water at all”.

Khangura closed by stating “Maybe like Prince Charles you should abandon claims to the presumed hereditary chair and leave it to the next generation? Otherwise God Help Us.”

Jassi Khangura MLA
Halqa Qila Raipur

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