Khangura: Sukhbir Badal as Finance Minister would truly bury Punjab - 10/10/2010

Congress MLA from Qila Raipur today stated that whilst the current debate triggered by Manpreet Badal’s statements in the Vidhan Sabha is no doubt internal to the Akali Party and the Badal family, it has profound implications for the state.

He added “It simply cannot be dismissed as internecine rivalry for its resolution is very much in the public interest. Manpreet Badal appears to have discharged with integrity and humility difficulties duties arising from untenable political compulsions and he has maintained the sole beacon of transparency in an otherwise murky Cabinet”.

Commenting on two very different personalities Khangura added “Whether it is the disparity in their perceived intellect or their public image, it is clear that the issue is not one of two equals. The cousins involved are inherently different creatures, with different abilities and USPs.”

He continued “Whether this issue blows over or not will depend to a large part on whether the Akali party has an alternative to Manpreet Badal as Finance Minister. Whilst the late Capt. Kanwaljit Singh could have substantially discharged these duties there is a dearth of current alternatives.”

Condemning the alliance partner Khangura stated that the BJP, having completely failed in acting as any check or balance on the ruling party, and having surrendered the post of Deputy Chief Minister without even a whimper of protest, is clearly in no position to stake claim.

A concerned Khangura stated “Which leaves us with the alarming possibility that our ever-ready Deputy Chief Minister may offer to take over the finance portfolio himself. Whilst Sukhbir Badal is an excellent resource mobiliser, sadly, this is usually without benefit to the State Treasury.”

Khangura added “The State’s interactions with the Centre require an incisive understanding of central policy and of state finances, a cool head, requisite humility when addressing central officers and ministers of substantial experience and, above all, the capacity to be rational. On these parameters Sukhbir Badal may be found short.”

The first time Qila Raipur Congress MLA stressed that this is not the time to be playing Russian Roulette with state finances.

Khangura pleaded that in the interests of Punjab Sardar Parkash Singh Badal needs to intervene decisively to resolve issues between the cousins, before closing “Failure to do so would simply render Punjab to further spiralling debt and bankruptcy.”

Jassi Khangura MLA

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