When will you accept the rule of law? - 11/12/2008

S. Prakash Singh Badal Ji,
Hon. Chief Minister Punjab
CM Punjab Residence
House 45 Sector 2,

11 December 2008

Dear Badal sahib,

When will you accept the rule of law?

The recent actions by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation against the Park Plaza hotel are in breach of a stay order from the courts.

This is not the first breach of the stay by your officers. There are current contempt proceedings arising from an earlier breach. Rest assured there will be more, this time making your officers party to the proceedings.

Unlike you, I believe in the rule of law, I have full faith in the judiciary and I firmly believe in equitable governance.

The facts of the matter are that:

We have paid 3 years advance Road Usage Charges for the parking area in front of the hotel. These payments are receipted. Yet the corporation has denied to us the free and unrestricted use of this area.

The hotel has parking for 80 cars within the site. Yet you are allowing numerous hotels to operate in Ludhiana without any car-parking.

Opposite the hotel there is a property owned by an Akali MLA where the corporation is prepared to turn a blind eye to all car-parking issues.If you wish to challenge the level of car-parking provision in my hotel, then please do so for all other properties along Ferozepur Road.Your family were investors in the Surya Kiran property on The Mall, Ludhiana, some 20 years ago. Perhaps you’d like to check the level of car-parking provision there.

You will, of course, deny all charges of a political vendetta, but ultimately the public will enquire why you are seeking to attack possibly the most compliant building ever constructed in Ludhiana.

It is a fact that I can fully justify the funding of this hotel as it was built before I entered politics. Can you wholeheartedly do the same in respect of your luxury hotel and other properties in Haryana? Let us both go to swear the same at Harmandir Sahib. If your conscience is clear you should have no hesitation.

Your government has every right to develop the land adjoining Ferozepur Road as per your policies and the public interest. But you must do so:

within the parameters of the law in a manner where all property owners are treated equally.

Sadly, being just and equitable does not feature in your government’s vocabulary. Yours is a government punch drunk on power with complete disrespect for the rule of law, civil liberties and fundamental human rights.

Not content with usurping Punjab’s cable TV and bus transport industries, you also have assisted your goons in looting numerous properties across the state.

Rest assured that I will continue to expose the misdeeds of your government regardless of your current strategy to intimidate me. I will not relent until such time as your Government is removed.

You complain that the last Congress government committed numerous injustices against you, your family and your party office bearers and workers. In hindsight I believe that the last government was actually too soft. Next time we shall hit hard and hit fast. There will be no laxity. The families of hundreds of Congress workers murdered and thousands falsely charged by your government will ensure that the next Congress government does not let up.

At tomorrows NRI Sabha meeting in Jalandhar, perhaps you could explain to the NRIs, including visiting legislators why you have:

failed to implement the promises made by you earlier this year at the last samelan not stopped the loot of thousands of crores of NRI assets registered hundreds of new cases against NRIs and declared many more NRIs as proclaimed offenders.

Your government enjoys no respect overseas. Only you know why you are unable to visit Canada. NRIs are overwhelmingly against you, your family and your government. They will singularly ensure that your crooked government is destroyed in the forthcoming polls.

More than for my family and my business interests, I fight for the people of Punjab.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,



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