Think before you leap - 06/02/2009

Mr. Sukbir Singh Badal,
Deputy Chief Minister, Punjab,
House No-256,
Sector 9C,

3 February, 2009

Dear Sukhbir,

Think before you leap

I know that sudden elevation in politics can have a tremendous uplifting and intoxicating effect on most politicians but I am seriously concerned that it may have affected your judgement.

That this should happen so soon after your self-generated coronation is indeed alarming for most Punjabis, who need sound judgement from today’s Punjab leadership.

Your comments that corruption starts at, and is largely confined to, the lower rung surprised many, especially those that have had some insight to the opulent lifestyle of today's political masters in Punjab.

Your inconsistency on the Anandpur Sahib Resolution and your current failure to respond to questions on the same issue has shocked many.

I cannot match your political pedigree, but I would humbly suggest that in politics it is wise to only push a political issue where one is comfortable in defending and debating it for as long as it takes.

To refuse questions on any political matter is a sign of weakness.

To refuse questions on a self-generated issue is a sign of failure.

To display anger and aggression is a symptom of guilt.

In future, you might find it preferable to be better informed and conversant on an issue before you initiate a public debate.

Our parents, teachers and professors taught us to think before we leap, lest we be accused of suffering from foot in mouth disease.

You may wish to consider the pranayama breathing exercises portrayed by Swami Ramdev Ji.

Yours sincerely,

Jassi Khangura MLA
Halqa Qila Raipur

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