Letter To Chief Minister - 25/11/2009

S. Prakash Singh Badal Ji,
Hon. Chief Minister Punjab
CM Punjab Residence
House 45 Sector 2,

25 November 2009

Dear Badal sahib,

Justify Israel Visit

You have recently returned from an overseas tour that included a visit to Israel, a country you had earlier visited some 12 years ago during your third term as Chief Minister. As expected there are statements of great purpose, intent and potential, all I am certain in good faith.

But let me remind you about your previous visit to Israel. That time the visit was supposed to “explore areas of cooperation between Israel and Punjab in the field of rural development, particularly with a view to developing rural focal points, water management technologies and improving dairy technology”.

According to the official records the areas identified during the visit in 1997 included marketing and export of kinnows, cooperation in saline water management and an exchange programme which included training Punjabi farmers there and bringing Israel experts here for demonstration.

After returning from Israel in 1997 you remained Chief Minister for four years and eight months to be precise. Please tell us whether any progress was made on the areas that had been agreed upon by you and the Israel ministers and officials at that time? Whether you were able to fulfil even a single statement of intent that you so proudly announced 12 years ago? Whether a single Punjab farmer went to Israel for training?

You know the answer to all these questions, as everybody else in the state does, is a big NO. You have almost repeated the same things you said 12 years ago. I am sure that, like in the past, nothing is going to come out in the follow up of your visit this time as well.

If Punjab really needs to learn something about irrigation and dairy development would it not have been proper and appropriate to assign this job to the experts in the relevant field. The world is full of experts that are prepared to visit Punjab to offer their services. Instead of jumping on a plane with an entourage of many, it would be better to invite overseas experts to Punjab.

You may have perfect expertise in political manoeuvring but I doubt whether you have any knowledge about the topics you claim to have discussed in Israel with the experts there.

Any why visit Dubai? Surely Sukhbir Badal has visited that place so often to be an expert on all that it offers?

Yours sincerely,

Jassi Khangura,
MLA Halqa Qila Raipur

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