Prove that you are in control of your son, and your MLAs - 28/02/2010

Prakash Singh Badal
Hon. Chief Minister Punjab
CM Punjab Residence
House 45 Sector 2

Dear Badal Sahib,

Prove that you are in control of your son, and your MLAs

With a summer of verbal abuse and a winter of turbans flying in the Vidhan Sabha, and all the disruption and corruption prevalent in 2009 fresh in my mind, I felt it was time to ask whether, as Chief Minister of our State and leader of your party, you will strive to ensure the same debacle does not take place this Session.

Of course, I understand that at the time of the last session you and your party wished desperately to distract from the issues of the law and order break down in Ludhiana and to do anything to avoid the questions that the opposition were waiting to ask about that and parlous condition of the State’s finances.

As an elder statesman and one of our country’s more long-term leaders, I am sure that this time you and your Party will withstand questioning during these challenging times and not flinch from giving honest answers.

However, whether you can control your son Sukhbir and his obsequious MLAs, to ensure the same level of civility and clarity from them is quite another matter, as these vile incidents are a clear case of Akali MLAs without portfolio seeking to impress their credentials on someone who is inextricably linked with violence in Punjab.

Notwithstanding the breach of privilege proceedings against the Leader of the Opposition the fact remains that the Congress Legislative Party did not act differently in any manner from earlier Vidhan Sabha Sessions. What happened in December 2009 was a premeditated action by your MLAs on unsuspecting colleagues of mine.

I sincerely hope that, having failed to do so last Session, this time you will use your position to control disruptive elements in your Party who seek to detract from the business of the House. For once perhaps you could use your position as Patriarch of the unruly “House of Badals” to benefit Punjab as a whole, by using your status to instruct everyone to behave in a manner befitting them as Ministers, MLAs or, in fact, sons. For ever since Sukhbir Badal entered the House the atmosphere has markedly deteriorated, reflecting events elsewhere in the State.

Of course, the opinion of many is that you will, again, allow the house to be disrupted, as it is in your interests to evade questions on many topics of interest to this bankrupt State, especially after presenting what will no doubt be a very misleading Budget. It remains to be seen whether these rumours are true. I hope, for the sake of Punjab, that they are not and that the imminent Budget Session proceeds smoothly, openly and with the aligned objective of moving Punjab into a more prosperous and peaceful future.

The violence that you have perpetrated against Congress inside and outside the House will not be forgotten. Come the new administration we intend to hit hard and fast.

Yours sincerely

Jassi Khangura MLA
Halqa Qila Raipur

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