Prove that the appeasement initiative is genuine by rescinding Capt. Amrinder Singh’s expulsion order - 24/03/2010

Sardar N S Kahlon,
Hon. Speaker,
Punjab Vidhan Sabha,

24 March 2010

Dear Speaker Sahib,

Prove that the appeasement initiative is genuine by rescinding Capt. Amrinder Singh’s expulsion order

I do not know what brought your Deputy, S. Satpal Gosain, to write to you with his letter that proposes a withdrawal of politically charged cases. I also do not wish to question or speculate as to what the objectives of the letter may be.

Although the house has no authority to intervene on executive or judicial processes it does have the ability to review its own actions.

I am sure that you would agree that by far the biggest act of political vendetta by this government was the expulsion from this house of Capt. Amrinder Singh, a matter that you presided over and which damaged the reputation of the house more than any other action to date.

You now have a great opportunity to prove to the public that this initiative by the Deputy Speaker is truly genuine and has no ulterior motive, by calling on the house to review its action against Capt. Amrinder Singh. In fact, as Speaker you do not even need to call for majority house support as you have the authority to cancel the earlier decision.

In doing so you will reconfirm to the public your independent credentials and you will save large sums of public money by effectively stalling all court proceedings related to the expulsion.

I accept that such an action has associated political risks. But I am certain that you can find the courage and the resolve to strike down this highly dubious act of expulsion from the house.

If you miss this opportunity and the courts rule in due course that the expulsion was indeed illegal, then you carry the risk that the stigma of tacit connivance will linger for long.

Act now and you will be fondly remembered for generations.

Yours faithfully.
Jassi Khangura MLA
Halqa Qila Raipur

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