Jassi is the former MLA from Halqa Qila Raipur, an rural constituency near Ludhiana which no longer exists after delimitation. Jassi stood unsuccessfully from Halqa Dakha in the 2012 Assembly Elections, but his commitment to the area remains strong and development focussed.

Politically moderate, Jassi believes in making and keeping fair election promises. He firmly and repeatedly states that he is in politics to bring positive change, and not for personal gain. Whilst acknowledging that corruption is indeed rife in the political arena, Jassi pledges his own personal involvement will only ever be honest and transparent. He also believes there is much to learn and has attended a workshop for MLAs held by PRS Legislative Research at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

As MLA for Qila Raipur, Jassi was known for accessibility. He held regular public days and freely engaged with constituents in person in his office or in their villages. Jassi maintained thorough case reports for anyone needing assistance who attended public days, including a system of feedback to the individual concerned on how the case had been resolved. As an ex-MLA Jassi will continue his same work to assist the public.

Tech savvy, Jassi understands the importance of engaging with his supporters in a way that suits the supporters, and therefore is very active on both and where he places videos, items of interest and engages with supporters in an informal way.

A keen observer of current affairs and with a quick wit, Jassi has earned himself a reputation as something of a firebrand and is known well beyond his own constituency.

Jassi has always received support and requests for assistance from far beyond his constituency, as people feel he is the ‘reasonable’ face of politics in Punjab, and someone they can communicate with openly. Jassi continues to welcome such communication and dialogue.

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